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“Penitensya (Penitence)” I’m lucky to witnessed this custom every year as part of their tradition every Holy week. Almost 20 people with covered face do penance every year in our place hoping that by doing this, their sins may be forgiven. I may not be favor of this kind of custom, but I am not on the place to judge them on how they express their belief. It really need a lot of courage for a person to do this act. As for what I’ve witnessed, It’s really a bloody procession… literally. The blood can be seen on the streets scattered and even some houses need to cover their gates and fences with plastics so it will not hard for them to clean it. My shirt didn’t escape for the blood that shove from the cane that they are using. My mistake, I’m wearing a white tees.. 🙂

IMG_9994Bloody morning!

IMG_9938They will cut their back with the blade, then they will start to whip it with the wooden cane. ouch!



IMG_9928I wonder if deadpool joined them. 🙂

IMG_9971IMG_9968If they are not yet satisfied with the pain and blood on their back. They will just need to lie down and someone will hit them with this DIY bat.

IMG_9959IMG_9949IMG_9941Still, cleanliness is next to Godliness. 🙂


At the end of the day, still they do it for the glory of God and for the forgiveness of their sins.